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Pizza King coupons

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For sale #pizza king coupons. Pay 10BD and get the following coupons.
-3 x bouns coupons get 1 pizza medium, get 1 colozone & 1 get 4pcs of garlic bread free.
-20 x coupons buy 1 medium size pizza and get 1 large pizza free.
-10 x coupons buy 1 pasta and get another #pasta free.
Coupons are valid till 30 March 2018.
Coupons are not valid for crust pizza and sea food pizza. 1 bouns coupon can be used per visit.
Unlimited number of coupons can be used for buy 1 get 1.
Coupons are valid for dine in, take away orders and delivery.
Price is 10BD only! Fixed price! Limited quantity! Delivery of coupons is available for extra fees depending on area of delivery.
To order contact us by whatsapp only anytime on 383 - أظهر الرقم - .