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Prof. experience in Sales & Marketing, can join immediately

الرفاع‎, المنامة تم إضافة الإعلان في 10:31, 16 أكتوبر 2016, رقم الإعلان: 100187011

مستوى الخبرة إدارة
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المستوى التعليمي بكالوريوس

I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Management from the Philippines. To take into consideration my extensive backgrounds in sales, not to mention my trainings and managerial positions I held, I firmly believe I can handle all purchasing, office-inventory, and sales-related tasks with reliability and maximum efficiency. I am also well-abreast in the sales strategies and IT domains. I have a valid driving license.

The certifications in my possessions can vouch for my competence and behavior. I can come to your office for an interview at any time which would be convenient for you. Accordingly, I shall be able then to furnish you with any additional information you may require.

I hope my application will receive your kind consideration. I look forward to hearing from you regarding the afore-mentioned request for an interview. I can be contacted at 395 - أظهر الرقم -


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furnished w/ electricity, with 1 housemaid room, 4 working lift

500 د. ب

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Unfurnished flat for rent, 2 bathroom, closed kitchen

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