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(#Ref No: TBB4) A Magnificent Living - 5 Bed Private Villa

توبلي, المنامة تم إضافة الإعلان في 16:35, 13 مايو 2018, رقم الإعلان: 100577765

الكماليات مجهزة بخزائن الملابس
موقف سيارات مغطى
غرفة خدم
حديقة خاصة
جاكوزي خاص
غرف نوم 5
الحمامات 5
المساحة (م٢) 350
مفروش لا

About This Properties#
24 hours watchman
5 Bedrooms
5 Bathrooms
Semi furniture
2 Car parking facility
Built In Wardrobes
Close Kitchen
House Maid’s room
Medium Private Pool
Close kitchen
Washing machine,
Split A/C
Please Note That We Are Seeking a 12 Month Minimum Lease Period
Exclusive of municipality, electricity and water.
BD 900/-- per month
Ref No:TBB4
For further details or to arrange a viewing,
We have good collection of modernly designed fully as well as semi furnished apartments & villas which are captivating, upgraded and updated properties all over Bahrain which suits the budgets of our clients whether they be, executives, company staffs, navy personnel, families we consider our clients with utmost care without partiality and would provide them with the best service at all times.
We are always happy to show you the properties of your particular interest or taste at any given day of the week (even Friday as well) as per your convenience and availability and time.

Please feel free to contact our Agents via phone, mail or via other social media sources as well ,

(#Ref No: TBB4) A Magnificent Living - 5 Bed Private Villa توبلي -  2

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